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Sett Survey Reminder

Sunday 25th February is the next Sett Survey.

Meeting at 09:40 ready for a 10:00 start.

Parking at ///misty.comply.keen - Well Lane, Well

There is a pull off on the side of the lane, if there isn't room there there are a couple more places a bit further along.

It will be wet and muddy so wear suitable footwear.

So far I know that Kevin, Jane and Melissa are intending to be there. If you are coming let me know below so we don't go without you!

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Ugh! Got stuck on the M3 on the way home for about half an hour as there was a burning car on the side of the motorway - that will teach me to stick to the A roads!!

Thanks for a great morning Howard!

Cheers, Jane

Replying to

Oh No, not what you wanted. Good to see you yesterday


Great - thanks - see you there!

Cheers, Jane

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