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Road Traffic Collisions (RTC's)

Road traffic collisions pose a serious threat to badgers right across the country. According the University of Cardiff's "Road Lab" project, badgers are the most frequently recorded mammaliam road casualty every year. Not only do such collisions harm or kill the victim, the death or injury of a lactating sow can lead to the starvation of her cubs and a negative impact on the local badger population.

If you see a badger by the side of the road, please stop and check if it's dead or injured. An injured badger can be very still and suffer a long and painful death at the side of the road. Injured badgers can often be recovered, treated and rehabilitated and we work closely with wildlife rescue organisations so please don't assume an animal is dead and check if you can by approaching it slowly and looking for signs of life. If it's still alive, please contact us or your nearest Animal Rescue Centre immediately. Do not attempt to pick up an injured badger!

If the animal is dead we're interested to know where it was seen and when. It also helps us to know where badgers are being killed on roads so we can check on local setts, cubs and campaign effectively for greater driver awareness. Badgers are killed on roads at nightime because, in most cases, people are driving too quickly and without regard for wildlife. 

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