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Badger Facts

Badgers grow to between 75-100 cm in length with a 15cm tail and adults weight around 8-12 kg. They typically live between 5-8 years.

They are stocky, with short dark and white hair on the face giving the UK badger its iconic striped features with black ears tipped in white. 

They live in mixed-sex groups of between 4 and 8 animals. A social group living together in the same sett is also known as a "clan".


Their diet is extremely varied but earthworms are the core of the badger's diet, often by as much as 60%, as well as slugs and soft fruits like raspberries and fallen blackberries.  

Badgers mate at almost any time of the year but due to an unusual reproductive technique known as "embryonic diapuase" (delayed implantation) they have only one litter a year. Litter sizes range from 1 to 5 cubs, with 2 or 3 the common number. 

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