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One of our local badgers.

Become a member

Join us either as a supporter by joining our Facebook page or following us on Twitter. Even better, become a Member of the Group! 

Membership is £10 per annum for adults, £5 for children. We're a non-profit organisation so every penny we raise or receive in donations is spent on the welfare of badgers and covering essential running costs for the Group. 


Every one of us is a volunteer doing this in our spare time. We have an agreed Constitution to provide a formal framework to the Group and protect its Officers and its members. It includes rules about the Group's objectives, the Officers' responsibilities,  their re-appointment/replacement, finances membership, meetings, and voting procedures. We have a suite of Group policies covering topics ranging from Data Protection through to Health & Safety. As a Member you'll have access to all Group Policies and our Constitution and be able to get involved in the running of the Group, sett surveying and anything else we can put to you to work on! 


If we ever fold, all funds in our bank account will be donated to either another badger group or the Badger Trust. The Constitution covers that as well.

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