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Nothing we do is effective without information about, and evidence of, badger activity. Our priority is to identify, survey, record and monitor as many badger setts as possible. 

That starts with looking for signs of badger activity in the way of badger runs, fence push-throughs, scrapes, snuffle holes, dung, hair and paw-prints. 

When we locate a sett we look for signs of occupancy and activity; we can then record all evidence of sett size and usage, as well as badger runs, paw prints, snuffle holes, scrapes, scat, latrines, hairs, fresh/old bedding, and any other relevant information regarding the site or proximity of threats from people. Badgers are an apex predator and people are their only real threat. 

We monitor the setts that we know about and are always interested to find or hear of any new setts. Become a member and join us on one of our Group Sett Surveys. 

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