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Badger Setts

Badgers live in a system of interconnected tunnels and chambers called a sett. Every badger clan has one main sett, which is used for breeding and is usually relatively large. Well-established setts have been excavated by several generations of badgers, with some setts thought to have been occupied for centuries.

Badger setts vary from occasionally used "outliers", which often have single entranced tunnels, to vast, ancient underground complexes with multiple entrances. These larger setts can extend from 20 to 100 metres or more, with some of the largest having more than 50 entrances! Such elaborate setts can take many years to create and have been passed down through generations for centuries. These are the family homes; used, maintained and enlarged at will by generations of the same social group.

Find out more about how we locate, survey and monitor badger setts by becoming a member and joining us on one of our regular Group Sett Surveys!

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