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Report A Sighting

Please report any badger setts you know of or come across, even if they look unused. We need all the data we can get out hands on. 


We're keen to know about badger sightings (location, time, date and behaviour) as well as details of any dead or injured badgers found or seen by the side of the road (location, time and date). Please check on a badger by the roadside where you can as an injured badger will remain very still and appear to be dead. We will always try to recover an injured badger and take it to the nearest wildlife rescue centre for treatment and, hopefully, rehabilitation. 

We'd love you to report information by sending us the "what3words" location or the OS Grid Reference (Grid Ref OS app) if possible but a description of the location would also be great. Information sent via the "Contact" link on this site is secure and will stay out of the public domain, keeping locations and information out of the wrong hands. Thank you! 

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