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Parliamentary Lobby Event -12th July 2023

More details on the 12th July Lobby Event in Westminster to keep up pressure on MPs to end the cull. This is timed o escalate concerns ahead of a potential Defra "epidemiological cull" consultation over the summer. We (Badger Trust and others) believe this consultation will conclude with the government proposing to extend the cull indefinitely in areas where there's "epidemiological justification" (whatever that means!) and passing more control over culling activities to farmer groups. If you've registered for this event, please meet us at 1pm on the grass opposite the House of Commons. - At 1:30pm there will be a formal group photograph. At this point we can include campaign things in the photo, but please be mindful this will have to be left outside when we go into Central Lobby.

- At 2.30 pm we will go all together through security to get to the Central Lobby area.

- Once we go into security, we cannot take any campaign stuff, or wear anything campaign-related eg even a t-shirt saying "stop the cull". (All information available at "Plan your visit")

- When we get into the Central Lobby, MPs will be called down to meet us by filling in cards, or if we've arranged to meet MPs they will be called down on our arrival. You can write to your MP ahead of time to invite them to meet you at the lobby to discuss the badger cull on behalf of your badger group and constituent area. There are links on our Facebook page to help you find the name of your local MP and to a template letter you can use to write to him/her/they. If you don't write to them ahead of time your MP can still be called down when you arrive at Central Lobby, but may decide not to attend. Then again, if you write to them in advance, they may still decide not to attend! I wrote to Ranil Jayawardena over a week ago and have heard nothing. (I also dropped a bunch of completed #CanTheCull cards through his constituency office letter box on Monday so it's fair to say he's aware of the strength of feeling round here). This event is being attended by Badger Trust representatives, local badger group members and supporters of other wildlife organisations such as Born Free. I look forward to seeing you on the 12th July if you can possibly make it!


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