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Hampshire badger rescue team - are you interested?

As some of you know, we're committed to setting up a badger rescue team this year. To that end, we've now acquired three suitable rescue cages and I'm looking to train and equip three groups of members from across the county so we can cover as much ground as possible between us.

As before, we'll be endeavouring to rescue badgers on a "best efforts" basis where time and resources permit and we're not looking to run a 24/7 operation! In an ideal world we'd have teams operating from the Fleet/Hook, Winchester and Portsmouth areas initially.

If you're interested in getting involved with this and want to find out more please get in touch via, putting "Rescues" as the subject title, letting us know your postcode, approximate availability and any prior experience you've had with wildlife rescues.

We're also currently building relationships with badger-friendly vet practices across the county to create a network of locations and wildlife hospitals to which we can take injured animals for initial assessment.

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