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February Group Sett Survey - Sunday 19th February

A heads-up that our next Group Survey is happening on Sunday 19th February. This month we're aiming to survey as much of the area around Odiham Common, Dogmersfield Lake and Tundry Pond as we can manage.

We'll be meeting at 9.45 am for a 10 am start and I expect everyone to be safely back in their cars by 2.30 pm. As always, please bring yourself something to eat and drink, dress appropriately for the weather on the day and put on some stout walking shoes/boots.

Please get in touch if you're willing and able to come along so we have some idea of numbers and can let you know exactly where we'll be meeting. You can pop a message on here, via the Facebook page or drop me a whatsapp message on 07947 352288.


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