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Would you?

For any members who don't use Facebook, Lauren's posted a question on our group page there to gauge if there's any interest in a presentation on badger ecology and some of the work we've been trying to do in a variety of areas such as local wildlife crime, planning & development issues, surveying and campaigning against the cull and for badgers generally.

I'd base it on the recent talk I gave to the Wilder Bramley Group but tailor it so it isn't overly repetitive (it will be a bit!) and addresses more about the Group's activities and objectives.

So, here's the question!

Would you attend a presentation on badgers & our Group, if Nick were to do one?

It would be in the Fleet/Church Crookham area, and would be free to paid-up members & a modest charge on the door for non-members to cover room costs

Answers in the comments section below, please, or ping me a message in whatever format works for you!

Thank you!


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Yes, I'll attend.


Abbie Blunden
Abbie Blunden
Mar 02, 2023

Hi Nick

Would Love to attend

Abbie :)


Hi Nick

Yes would attend



Mar 01, 2023

Hi Nick

would definitely come along


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