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Thoughts of the Badger Crowd's Tom Langton.

I've had a further email from Tom Langton of the Badger Crowd with his thoughts following the Court of Appeal hearing on 26th July. It's a case I've followed and supported for some time and the outcome was pretty devastating.

Dear all,

You may be aware from other reports of the unwelcome outcome of the Court of Appeal hearing on 26th July in London. A fuller account of this can now be found here:

It is hard to appreciate just how desperate Defra and Natural England are to avoid taking steps to investigate and monitor potential impacts of removing an apex predator from ecosystems. Also, for them to work so hard to protect the defined uncertainties and lack of credible research surrounding these accepted and fundamental problems.

It is a new low bar for government and undermines confidence that recent legislation - the 2021 Environment Act will have any effect on tackling the biodiversity crisis that England and the rest of the UK is in.

With the record drought now killing wildlife through desiccation and fires, bird flu ravaging sea bird colonies and any number of other human-induced onslaughts on wildlife, it has to be asked: when will someone in power take a real interest in preventing the daily destruction of our wildlife and countryside with realistic plans and programmes?

With this case we have tried to protect badgers and other wildlife from unnecessary damage and destruction. You have stood up to help make a difference and to expose what is going on for all to see. We did not win this time, but we learnt and are better armed to move to the next stage to expose the abuse of public interest surrounding badger culling. So, thank you again for playing your part in this. There is strength in numbers and without you, badgers and other animals and plants are defenceless.

With all good wishes, Tom

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