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We've finally finished plotting over 700 historic sett locations on Google Earth so we can visualise the task ahead. The photo here is a very high-level version!

Most of these setts date back to at least the early 1970's and we're fortunate enough to have acquired the original survey notes and details. In most cases, there hasn't been a survey since the late 1990's so some may have been lost to development and, of course, the cull.

If any of you feel confident enough to survey any of the setts near your neck of the woods, please get in touch. We'd obviously like to complete up-to-date surveys on every one of these setts locations, as well as adding new ones we're discovering ourselves. It's a very big job and made all the more urgent because of the shocking 2022 cull numbers for Hampshire that were belatedly released by DEFRA last Friday evening.

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