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DEFRA and the Hampshire badger cull

Some of you may remember that I wrote to Ranil Jayawardena, our local MP, back on the 9th of September not long after he was appointed Secretary of State for the Environment. He resigned the post when Liz Truss stepped down as Prime Minister.

My letter asked if we could meet and discuss the plight of Hampshire's badgers with particular reference to the Badger Trust "Give Badgers A Brake" campaign and the cull.

On Tuesday I received a handwritten House of Commons envelope enclosing a Ranil Jayawardena compliment slip and a letter to Ranil from Lord Richard Benyon, the Minister for International at DEFRA who is responsible for the cull policy. I only know Mr. Jayawardena intended this to be his response to my 9th September letter because Lord Benyon was replying to an email from him sent on 12th September and references me (name and address) in his reply. A bit odd but hey-ho.

Below is my reply to Ranil Jayawardena for anyone interested.

I've also taken this unexpected opportunity to write directly to Lord Benyon. His letter, and my reply, are also below.

We'll have to wait and see what happens next.

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