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Updates direct from Badger Trust

I was going to break it down but thought it easier to send it in one go, sorry it is a bit long........

 Group News Update 

Dear Badger Group MembersWe hope you are having a positive Week of Action to #EndTheCull, as a minimum we'd ask that you please share the social media messages we've included in our handy Week of Action Guide >. You can just copy and paste them or tweak them for your style of messaging.  Don't forget to let us know what you are doing and we can share your actions! This newsletter has an election update and we've created a template letter for you to send to your local candidates, to ask for their views on the badger cull and their visions for badgers and their natural habitats. Please encourage as many of your members to write to all the candidates to ensure they know that badgers are an important local issue. We have a handy link to find out who your candidates are and our dedicated 'General Election 2024'  webpage'. There is also an update on the Restore Nature Now March. Badger Trust is proud to be marching for badgers and hope to see lots of you there. We have a dedicated meeting point on Park Lane at Land Block, Section G, Lamppost 20, so read on for more details of that!Finally, don't forget to register to vote > by the 18th June!Please keep in touch, and let me know if I can help you with anything.Best WishesSally Jones Groups Coordinator

Election Candidates Letter

Badgers can't vote. You can.

Find out what we are asking all political parties ahead of the General Election and read our Manifesto for Badgers on our dedicated General Election Page>

Call to Action

Badgers need as many people as possible, in every constituent area, to send a letter to all their local parliamentary candidates asking for their views on issues that affect badgers.

Please let us know what responses you get from any candidates by emailing

Restore Nature Now: Meeting Point

With just 10 days to go - it’s time to make your plans to join us #RestoreNatureNow

We are proud to be mobilising for badgers at the Restore Nature Now march in London on Saturday 22 June, at what is set to be the biggest-ever gathering for nature and climate. 

At nearly a mile long, the assembly points on Park Lane have been divided into 4 blocks, Woods, Water, Land & Air and each block has lettered and numbered sections. Sign markers with reference numbers will be added to lampposts on the day, and stewards will also be available.

The meeting point for all those marching for badgers is the LAND BLOCK.  This covers sections G18 to J30. 

Our dedicated 'Badger Army' Meeting point is Land Block - Section G - Lamppost 20. 

We are sharing this meeting point with our friends at League Against Cruel Sports.

Full details of where the assembly points are along Park Lane can be found in the Assembly Guide and Interactive Map on the Resore Nature Now Website > and information is also available on accessibility >

We look forward to seeing you with your badger banners, outfits, and masks at our dedicated meeting point!


Cull News Release

Why did Natural England order a badger cull against its own scientific advice?

Badger Trust analyses the release of Natural England documents. Last week, we revealed that Natural England (NE) issued supplementary cull licences again this year against its own scientific advice.  

The confidential documents also revealed that Defra wanted to continue to pursue the cull to keep the farming industry onside despite the lack of evidence of its effectiveness at reducing bTB in cattle.

We released these documents to Badger Groups last week, and we have now released them publicly so that everyone can read the exchange of information. We also share our analysis of the documents.

Read the Full News Release > 

Diary Dates

Restore Nature Now March & Rally 

Saturday 22nd June, London

Badger Trust is attending, with a rallying point for all Badger champions, more information coming soon.

Badger Trust Symposium

Saturday 6th July, Leamington Spa

Don't miss out on this fantastic day; meet fellow badger groups and supporters and hear from experts on a variety of important topics. 

Full Details & Ticket Link > 

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