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Group Sett Survey - Sunday 25th September

Quick reminder that this is definitely happening and the day is almost upon is. Please keep an eye on this space as well as the Group Sett Survey thread in the Forum for location, parking details, timings, what to wear (clothing isn't optional) and what you'll need to bring (your own food and drink and some stamina!). We'll be adding that information over the next couple of days.

We're going to start by looking at an active main sett which we already monitor on a fairly regular basis. We'll spend a brief amount of time there completing an up-to-date survey of the sett, looking at spoil-heaps, scrapes, snuffle holes, perhaps some old bedding, counting active and inactive entrance holes, pointing out badger runs, locating a latrine and, if you want to, sniffing some badger poo. We might even find some paw prints or some badger hair. Then we'll head off looking for new setts and signs of badger activity in the area to add to our database. We're likely to gather from 9.30 am for a 10 am start and look to be back at our cars around 2/2.30 pm but if you want to head home earlier then please feel free to do that. We'll be in the Fleet/Church Crookham area this time out.

It would be fabulous to see some of you there and get a chance to introduce ourselves properly so we're looking forward to it.

Nick, Lauren and Matt.

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