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Badger Trust Group News Update

Sharing the latest news from Badger Trust with all our members here.

📍Group News Update

Dear Badger Group Member

There are always updates and important news items to share and we have some exciting ones below.

  • Badger Watch App Launch

  • Sand Badger

Badger Watch App Launch We are delighted to announce that the Badger Watch App is now live! The beta testing phase is complete and the app is now officially live and able to receive real reports from users. Badger Groups are the first to hear this news! You are the ones on the ground visiting setts, with extensive badger knowledge and dealing with badger crime and it is particularly pertinent as it is hunt season, so you may be dealing with blocked setts over the next couple of months. Please note that whilst the app is ready to receive reports, this is the first production release so it will inevitably need updates, tweaks, and polishing. Therefore we still need your feedback and appreciate your patience if you encounter problems. It is important that you let us know about these directly instead of communicating via a negative review, as this could discourage members of the public. It would be a huge setback after all this work if we ran into problems with users and got negative reviews at this early stage. This could prevent people from installing the app for months or years to come, even long after issues raised had been fixed. We'd rather hear from you directly, fix the issue quickly, and ensure the app can be positively used by the wider public moving forward. A huge amount of work and time has gone into developing it and we are excited about how this can help badgers now and into the future. After a short period of groups using the app, we will then be able to do an official announcement to the wider public and promote it to police forces.

All we want for 2023 is an end to the cull...

Badger Trust commissioned a sand artist to draw this incredible badger on a beach in Devon. This has been used to make a moving and hard-hitting video, highlighting the loss of our badgers from large areas of the country due to the ongoing onslaught of the unscientific cull.

Please share this video widely and join us to #canthecull

Keep in touch

If you have any questions about any of the information in the newsletters or just want to chat about your group and badgers, please do contact us!

Whatever you're up to for badgers, we'd like to hear about it! Let us know via and we can profile your wonderful work nationally.


Groups Coordinator

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